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EPP’s new app takes tenant relations to the next level


Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed EPP, Poland’s biggest retail landlord, continues to demonstrate agility in the ever-changing retail market by positioning its shopping centres as thriving hubs for innovation. The latest of several cutting-edge solutions offered by the company to support its tenants is EPP Connect – an information and data exchange platform. This innovative portfolio-wide prop-tech tool facilitates daily shopping centre operations and brings EPP together with its tenant community.

EPP Connect is a modern and user-friendly digital platform available as a mobile application and website dedicated to the management personnel and retail staff at EPP’s shopping centres. The tool takes tenant engagement, collaboration, communication and community building to the next level. It allows for quick and easy two-way information sharing within the shopping centre community: EPP property management team, tenants and providers of cleaning, security and maintenance services. It facilitates the management of a wide range of activities in the centre and makes cooperation easier, faster and more efficient.

EPP understands the new role of retail centres and is creating interactions across our entire ecosystem for a new era of retail. To be at the forefront of the dynamic and ever-evolving shopping centre industry for our tenants, we embrace new and novel technology-driven solutions. With EPP Connect, our tenant communication is transformed. We are connecting with our tenants and putting excellent communication at the fingertips of their employees and ours,” says Tomasz Trzósło, CEO of EPP.

EPP Connect merges the best features of social media with advanced reporting functionality. It keeps a shopping centre’s tenants up to date with all relevant news, events, alerts, and maintenance activities by combining communication about marketing, operations and security into one easy-to-use platform. The app is also packed with a comprehensive range of handy features. It helps tenants ask questions and report issues, receive quick answers, and monitor the status of their requests. EPP Connect gathers operational information about retailers and prompts them to share their opinions with the centre management team through surveys and comments. This data can then be analysed to support and improve operations and communication, and ultimately relations. EPP Connect can send security alerts in emergency situations, enabling a rapid response. The app even allows tenants to offer attractive discounts to fellow users, increasing their affinity to a given shopping centre.

EPP has developed the platform together with technology partner Chainels. The solution digitises communication for the company’s vast shopping centre portfolio and allows it to manage all its retail communities efficiently, thanks to a personalised approach. Although EPP Connect creates one ecosystem managed by EPP, each centre will have its own content tailored to its tenants’ needs.

EPP Connect is a game-changer that greatly increases the effectiveness of information flow with tenants. It boosts efficiency and agility, which ultimately improves the customer’s experience too. EPP will continue to innovate, adapt and collaborate to optimise our relationships, shopping experiences and retail property assets. We want to deliver the best value for all our stakeholders,” adds Tomasz Trzósło.